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Mets Would Benefit More With Less Sexy Names

I have a lot to say about my favorite teams this time of year, and I plan on writing a blog about each and every one of them this week.  Consider it a McNotables 6 days of Christmas.  Leave it to me to start off writing about the only team that actually isn't playing a game this week, my beloved New York Mets.

Omar Minaya has already started off the winter with a couple of great moves, revamping the bullpen with Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz.  You also shouldn't overlook the acquisitions of both Jeremy Reed and Sean Green.  Green is a reliable 6th or 7th inning reliever that can give you 75 appearances over the season.  Reed should be the replacement to Endy Chavez, a slap hitting outfielder off the bench with some speed.

But hopefully Mr. Minaya realizes he is not done.  The Mets are set at the corner infield spots, as well as shortsop and centerfield.  Fans are clammering for a new 2B, most notably Orlando Hudson.  While Hudson would look great turning two with Jose Reyes, the Mets can honestly get by at 2B without going outside the organization.  While I, like most fans, are tired of Luis Castillo and his constant injuries, the Mets could do worse.  Though I think they're best option is to continue with the move of Daniel Murphy from the outfield to second, and have Murphy play everyday and bat in the 2 hole.

Catcher is another position where it looks like the Mets will have to do with what they have.  Brian Schneider is a decent receiver, though his bat leaves something to be desired.  Ramon Castro looked like he would be the hitting part of a lefty/righty platoon at backstop last year, but he came down with Andruw Jones Syndrome (injuries and cheeseburgers) and never got going.  It looks like the Mets will have to give this platoon another try in '09, though knowing Minaya, don't be surprised if he makes a pitch for Ivan Rodriguez.

The corner outfield spots are a pressing need.  Well at least one of them.  I think a Ryan Church/Fernando Tatis platoon in RF would prove quite productive.  Both can hit, and I think platooning would give both men needed days off and keep them fresh.  LF is another story and this is where Omar Minaya and Fred Wilpon should start opening the checkbook.  I hate the Phillies as much as the next Mets fan, and who better to hate than Met-killer Pat Burrell.  But Burrell would be a perfect fit in LF on opening day at TaxPayerField...uhh I mean BankruptcyField...oh wait CitiField, yeah thats it.  For starters, you keep Burrell out of the opposing clubhouse, which wins the Mets at least 3 games a year right there.  Burrell has averaged 31 HRs and 99 RBIs the past 4 years, and honestly, from your number 6 hitter, what more do you need?  The Mets shouldn't overpay, but they should try do to as much as they can to have Pat Burrell in Port St. Lucie to start the spring.  That would leave you with a projected lineup of:

SS- Jose Reyes
2B- Daniel Murphy
3B- David Wright
CF- Carlos Beltran
1B- Carlos Delgado
LF- Pat Burrell
RF- Church/Tatis
C- Schneider/Castro
P...oh now we need to address the starting pitching.  It's a concern that needs to be addressed for sure, but not as bad as some people think.  Your Top 3 of Johan Santana, John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey is not too shabby.  There is talk of rookie Jon Niese in the 5 slot, or resigning Pedro Martinez, which as your number 5 starter, isn't the worst thing in the world.  So really the Mets just need a reliable number 4 starter.  There has been talk about resigning Oliver Perez, but I feel like he's going to want more than he's really worth.  There was talk about acquiring Jason Marquis from the Cubs and bringing him home to New York, and I would welcome that.  Marquis is the odd man out in Chicago and needs to go somewhere, and the Mets would be a nice place, though I'd rather see him as the Mets 5th starter.

There are two names out there on the free agent market that I think would look great in the Mets rotation...Brad Penny and Jon Garland.  I know, Penny is built like Homer Simpson and completely imploded last year.  But I think a change of scenery will restore some of the luster on the 250+ lb pitcher.  And Garland, despite his near 5.00 ERA last year, notoriously hits 190 innings every year and a 4.47 career ERA entirely in the AL is not bad.  A move to the NL could easily make him a 3.50 pitcher.  Neither name is sexy, but I believe both would drastically improve the Mets rotation.

So here it is Mr. Minaya, the McNotables Mets Christmas Wish List :
Pat Burrell
Jon Garland
Brad Penny

Make it happen and we'll actually see you in October in 2009.
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If the Mets Want to Really Forget About Last Year

If you are a Mets fan, you have to be excited. They have completely done a 180 this last month and now are sitting pretty atop the NL East. But the Phillies and Marlins are lurking. Mets fans still are leery about a collapse because last year is still in the back of their minds. If Omar Minaya really wants the Mets to put last year behind them there's only one thing to do...pick up the phone, call Theo Epstein, and pry Manny Ramirez away from the Red Sox.

I know, I know...there are a bunch of factors that makes this move unlikely. The first is that the Mets depleted an already lacking farm system in the Johan Santana trade. Honestly, I don't think it'll take that much to get Manny from the Sox at this point. The situation is ugly. Manny choking out PR guys, calling out the owner, illegedly throwing at-bats. Epstein has gone on the record saying he would trade Manny if he would waive his no trade clause. Manny came back on Sunday saying he would welcome a trade if the Red Sox had the stones to do it. Manny's from NY. I'm sure he would waive his no trade clause to come back home.

With that volatile a situation I't would behoove Omar Minaya to at least try. If Ryan Church doesn't come back then you have Manny patrolling left field and you are able to platoon Fernando Tatis and Endy Chavez and keep both players fresh. The Mets have the money to do this, and if they want they can even pick up Manny's option and keep him next year as well. But they need to strike fast before either Boston, Manny, or both change their minds. I don't know what Minaya can piece together that would be appealing to the Red Sox, but like I've said at least 8 million times already, he has to at least try.

And if you're worried about Manny's attitude?  I'm one who believes a bad attitude can be handled by a strong manager and a good environment.  I think Jerry Manuel is that strong manager and  think the Mets clubhouse, with that spicy latin flavor, is an environment that Manny will at least find tolerrible.  And if he doesn't change his tune?  Well I'm one fan who would deal with it in return for some big numbers and some playoff wins.

Now I'm not one of those unrealistic fans who thinks his team can grab a superstar just because they need one. But this is one situation where all the cards seem to be falling into the right place. I think with what happened last year, not making the playoffs isn't an option for this team. So with the trade deadline coming up fast Omar Minaya needs to do whatever it takes to get this team into the playoffs. Manny Ramirez at a corner outfield spot would do the trick.
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Posted on: May 2, 2008 2:47 am

I'll See Your 0 for 4 and raise you an E3

Another day, another blog. And now that I know at least 2 people out there in Blogland read this, I have to make sure I catch all the typos. My favorite, Pressure. Thanks a lot.

I was reading Eric Kay's blog yesterday about how Will Nieves should be starting over Paul LoDuca and it inspired me. Because there too is an overpaid veteran on my Mets whose playing time should be nonexistant. So Mr. Kay, this beautiful Friday morning consider yourself my muse.

I'm not the first Mets fan, or 965th for that matter, who thinks Carlos Delgado has worn out his welcome in Flushing. I'll admit, I was pulling for him in the spring to regain that Delgado form and start mashing the ball again. But after one month of pop flies to the shortstop and throwing 10 pitches to my 3 year old daughter yesterday, I've realized she makes better contact than Carlos Delgado does now.

I think its time the Mets cut bait with Delgado. Maybe they can trade him to the Pirates for a fungo bat. Now that Matt Morris is gone, I'm sure Pittsburgh is in need of a new hopeless reclaimation project. Maybe he should just hang them up and be the new poster boy for Just For Men. Come on, don't lie. You've also been wondering when Keith Hernandez was going to leave the announcers booth just to tell Carlos that his 'stache is trash and his beard is weird.

But again, I'm not here to state the obvious. I'm here to offer 5 better alternatives for the Mets at 1B who don't have a major league job.

1. Olmedo Saenz - For starters, he's in the Mets minor league system, so it'll save the Mets negotiations and paperwork. This pudgy 1B hit .190 with the Dodgers last year, so he'll give you Delgado numbers, but cheaper. Plus Saenz will keep the Mets above their set Latino quota if Carlos was to leave.

2. Ryan Klesko - Klesko unoffiically retired last week because he still hasn't received a job offer. I'm sure a little paper and a starting 1B job can lure him back to the field. Big Ryan can easily give you a .265 AVG with 20 HR. The only problem is he's hurt an awful lot, so he and Moises Alou will most likely have to rotate 3 days and every other Sunday out of the lineup a week.

3. Jay Gibbons - The Mets could use a little juice in their lineup. And while I don't mean that literally, you have to wonder who's distributing the 'suppliments' now that LoDuca is with the Nationals. On the field Gibbons can do 10 HR and a .250 avg in his sleep. Which might be more than Delgado will give us awake.

4. Julio Franco - I know Satchell Paige is rolling over in his grave. The man may be old, but he still looks younger than Carlos Delgado. And he swings harder too. So if I was going to have an old man swinging a bat in my lineup without much chance of making contact, I'd prefer the one swinging harder. Plus think of what a lift to the Mets clubhouse it will be to see El Padre Tiempo walk through the doors again.

5. Billy Crystal - What? He looked like a tougher out against Paul Maholm than Delgado would be.

So Omar Minaya, if you're reading this, which Im sure you are because it'd be absurd to miss a day of my blog, please take this list to heart. Because as a Mets fan, if I'm going to boo an underproducing 1B, I'd rather it be one getting underpaid.

Be back tommorow, when I will delve into the lost art of the game of Pepper. Okay, maybe not.

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